Everything is Super
November/December 2014

Words by Pratyush sarup. Photographs by Maha Nasra Edde
Home to the most lusted-after pieces from furniture design’s big hitters, Superstudio has already become the professional’s best kept secret. But not anymore. We just had to expose this creative little space for what it is; a treasure trove of sensational design.
An oxygen boost courtesy of the double height living wall by Swedish landscape brand Vertical Garden Design – offers instant respite from the dusty industrialism of Al Quoz. In what is fast becoming a hub of alternative culture, home to galleries, urban cafes and quirky business concepts, Superstudio fits in nicely, adding a credible design differential.
This nook is the brainchild of Mohsin Jawaheri, whose long-held passion spans two decades in the design and build industry. Putting his experience and contacts to good use he launched Superstudio in 2012, and it couldn’t have been at a more fortuitous moment. “After the recession the design industry required a lot of gap-filling,” he says. “Having a space to display different collections from some of the biggest design brands from the States and Europe, here in the UAE, was our way of being able to support the interior design and architectural community on their projects.”
With interiors designers, architects and developers as its core audience, Superstudio has provided sleek design accents to many landmark regional projects like the Sharjah Art Foundation, The Archive in Safa Park and The Pavilion in Downtown Dubai amongst others. Dubai’s newest nightspot Clé by Michelin-starred Chef Greg Malouf – is also graced by iconic pieces from Tom Dixon and Moooi, all supplied of course by Superstudio.
Mohsin pulled a design industry coup by partnering with Tom Dixon as the only supplier in the region to showcase his works. “Tom Dixon has an excellent range of beautifully designed products that works well with most project types especially in lighting,” says Mohsin on why the British superbrand is an ideal fit for him. “We have been in talks with Tom Dixon for a while, and once we had a mutual agreement we didn’t waste time showcasing his work.” Tom Dixon classics – the Beat collection lights, Spun tables and Scoop chairs – have design professionals and home owners flocking to Al Quoz to take advantage of the rare opportunity to try and buy the brand here in the emirates.
With twelve top-of-the-line design brands in an open, studio-like setting; each piece is treated like an installation, orchestrated to create impact. “From the very onset, it was clear to me that each brand or product compliments the other,” he says of the pieces by Tecno, Lapalma, Tacchini and others. “We work with medium and high-end brands only, all of whom have excellent recognition amongst design lovers and are known for their quality and investment value.” Not to mention their inherent functional beauty.
From the eye-popping red of the Techno P40 lounger, the stunning dining set by Moooi (the container table and monster chairs – all iconic to the brand are anointed by their Heracleum lamp) and the classic Magis Steelwood chair casually hung on their ‘chair wall’, the two-level studio is like a carefully curated design museum, only more accessible. Every single piece is here to be touched, felt and taken home.
Their core focus group may have been industry professionals, but this hotspot is no secret to the lay person looking for statement pieces. With the support of exhibitions like Downtown Design and Design Days Dubai this has accelerated the regions’ collective understanding and appreciation of design; bringing it into the nation’s vernacular.
Mohsin concurs that these shows bolster the design market in the region. “If the right audience and brands are present, both communities stand to benefit by experiencing the products and services first hand.” Mohsin’s passion realised, what stands in the future of Superstudio? “A bigger studio for sure,” he says. “We are also exploring the possibilities of opening monogram retail stores for some of our brands. We’re studying the market and doing our due diligence.” But before that, Mohsin is looking forward to unpacking the Bocci Series 28 lighting.
Those brilliant orbs of handmade glass lamps are sure to be a hit amongst the regions’ design elite.