Green Dunes

Produced by Blumohito and designed by Aldo Cibic is a tribute to UAE and the fertility/energy of its desert.

The art installation looks forward to express and highlight three (3) relevant, existing and extraordinary attributes of the desert and its precious sand.
First of all its richness and its real nature: whenever it rains, the desert gives immediately land to a rich and unlimited green forest.
 Secondly the life it hides in the middle of it: the tree as a common view in the middle of a common desert that becomes unexpected presence of life and, more important, object of protection and relax thanks to its own shadow.
Third, the multiple image of it that, thanks to the mirrored frame, allows the viewer to imagine an unlimited perceptions of it, giving multiple replications of the dunes and the tree, depending on the view and the focus of our eyes. A kind of “mirage” we can personally experience when we find ourselves walking into the desert.